Manufacturing process of self-drilling screws

Manufacturing process of self-drilling screws


A self-drilling screw has similar design features to a cutting tool or a drill bit. As the name implies, it does not require a pilot hole and performs as a fastener. 

But have you ever wondered how these self-drilling screws are manufactured and what steps need to be followed for manufacturing the self-drilling screw?

In this article, you will get a brief idea about how these self-drilling screws are being manufactured, and at last, we will introduce you to the best self-drilling screw manufacturing company, which is here at your service.  


  • Wire

Self-drilling screws begin as a wire which comes in different diameters depending on the gauge of the screw. The wire chosen to make a self-drilling screw out of it is harder than the material which will join. 

The most familiar type of wire used for making self-drilling screws in Ghaziabad is rust and corrosion-resistant. 

The first and foremost step in producing the self-drilling screw is to straighten the wire before cutting it to the correct length. 


  • Heading

After straightening the wire, the wire is fed into the heading machine, which is cut to the length, moved to a die, and performed. 


  • Heat Treatment of Screws

To handle the shear stress and tensile or combination loads on the bolted joints, the heat treatment of screws is required. Heat treatment of stainless screws is employed to dissolve the coarse chromium carbide particles.

The self-drilling screws in Delhi are racked vertically to ensure even heating and quenching through the furnace, where the screws are heated to remove the contaminants. These are oil quenched to lock in their hardness. 


  • Head and Point Forming 

After that heating process, the wires are fed into the heading machine, where it is cut to length, transferred to a die, and performed.


  • Threading

Several methods of forming self-drilling screws in Kanpur include subtracting by grinding or cutting, deformation by rolling, molding, additive methods, or casting. The main factor of these self-drilling screws is the drill bit head that can have point sizes of number 2,3,4,5, with other higher numbers indicating the longer the tip. 

To create a thread pattern, using the deformation process, the die method, the workpiece is placed between the variable dies, which have grooves to create the target thread depth. As the pressure is applied, the workpiece is rolled, which leads to the thread pattern being pressured into the wire. 

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