What are Self-drilling screws? How beneficial are these in PEB Industries?

Self-Drilling screws and bolts are the primary methods of holding the pieces of Pre-engineered buildings(PEB) construction together. There are a variety of screws, nuts, and bolts that are available for construction purposes, and they play an essential role in the PEB industry. One may even argue that without the use of screws there wouldn’t be any PEBs or any type of construction for that matter. The whole premise of a PEB depends on its movability and its nature which involves assembly at a distant location. Screws are used to put different objects together, be it metal, wood, or even plastic.


Self-tapping screws and self-drilling screws are the two primary forms of fasteners that are used in metal building or general construction of PEBs. They also have other numerous applications, and their use isn’t limited to construction of buildings.


Despite the difference in names, self-drilling screws are just another form of self-tapping screws. Self-tapping screws tap their own threads, but cannot drill through hard objects such as iron, copper or steel. They also require a pilot hole. On the other hand, self-drilling screws don’t need a pilot hole, and like the self-tapping screws, they can tap their own threads. Self-drilling screws also have higher threads, compared to self-tapping screws.


In a nutshell, all self-drilling screws are a from of self-tapping screws, but not all self-tapping screws are self-drilling screws, and due to the above differences these screws cannot be used interchangeably, and mixing them may cause some headache at the very least.


Self-drilling screws, just like any other form of screw, are available in a variety of specifications. Specifications of a screw include its overall built materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or plastic), head type(philip, pozi, slot hex, torx, square, etc), chemical coating/plating(zinc, phosphate, copper, tin, etc), diameter and length.


Self-drilling screws are used for their accelerated installation time which lowers the overall costs and the need of additional equipment. Due to their fastening process in steel, they are equipped to be used for steel frame constructions, or fastening of other materials on steel. They can also be used for fastening objects to wood and are widely utilized for structures such as wooden floors, roof decks and doors. Self-drilling screws may also be used in automobile industries, furniture, pipelines and Pre-engineered buildings.


Pre-engineered buildings(PEBs) forms of construction that are designed in-house by a PEB supplier or PEB manufacturers. After the construction of PEB components, they are shipped to an assembly site and are congregated/set up at the site itself. Some forms of primary PEB structures include metal framework, metal bars, wooden floors, mill sections and metal roofs.


The choice of a PEB construction depends on numerous factors such as local manufacturing, transportation and construction capacity, along with differences in costs of material and labour. PEB projects require a plethora of varied materials which may include wood, pre-cast concrete, masonry block, roll-formed profiled steel sheet, tensioned fabric, glass curtain wall, etc.


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