What mistakes to avoid while using Steel fasteners?

Fasteners or screws are mechanical tools that are used to fasten objects. They are used in all sorts of scenarios which may range anywhere from the construction of houses, utensils, toys etc. Fasteners are made from numerous materials, all of which have a specific purpose and use. Some of the materials used to make screws include stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminium and plastic. It often gets some sort of surface finishing to improve its rust resistance and/or appearance.

There are some things that one must keep in mind whilst using stainless steel fastener to further ensure its durability and longer life. Some of the mistakes that people make whilst using fasteners are:


Choosing the Incorrect Type or Grade of Fasteners

One of the main things that people overlook when choosing a fastener is its grade and the materials that are used to make it. One must choose between stainless steel, steel, brass, or plastic fasteners depending on his/her use. Stainless steel is best suited for protection against corrosion. Steel is cheaper, brass is best for brazing and plastic is good for underwater applications.


Not Selecting the Right Surface Finish

The surface finish is one effective way to achieve better resistance against corrosion. Most steel fasteners become rougher and develop cavities over time, which leads to the entrapment of small particles that may cause stains or distortion in the appearance of the screw.


Improper Cleaning Timetable of Fasteners

The longevity depends on its regular maintenance and cleaning. Build up of contaminants for a long period of time will make the cleaning process difficult, which might also affect the appearance of the materials. Exposure to rainwater may also diminish the protective layer of the fasteners.


Settling for Low-Nickel Stainless Steel

Most stainless steel screws lack chromium content and thus become much more susceptible to rusting as compared to stainless steel screws which have an adequate amount of chromium.


Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion takes place when two different metals corrode one another when after coming into electrical contact. It is advisable to use nylon washers which will prevent stainless steel from coming in contact with the other metal panels.

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