What qualities you should always look for while choosing Industrial Screws?

Screws are used in almost all industrial scenarios, and their use isn’t limited to certain industries. One can find the use of screws and bolts in almost everything around them. Almost every object uses some sort of a screw to hold its pieces together. Apart from their universal use, screws are made in a number of ways to cater to different situations.

There are some things that people should keep in mind whilst choosing a type of screw for industrial purposes. In terms of choosing the right screw, it all boils down its physical characteristics, which include raw materials used to make it, its chemical coating, diameter, length, type of head and type of thread.



Screws are made from numerous materials, and the choice of material mainly depends on the overall use. Some of the popular materials that are widely used for manufacturing screws are;

  • Steel: Steel’s overall low cost is the main reason why it is such a popular choice for construction of screws, but steel screws are also heavier compared to other metals and aren’t ideal for scenarios where keeping the weight low is a crucial objective.
  • Copper: Due to their malleability and corrosion resistance, copper screws have become a popular choice in situations where risk of corrosion is higher. Copper is also comparatively lighter than many metals.
  • Aluminium: Aluminium isn’t suitable for high stress situations, but aluminium screws are just about the lightest out there.
  • Titanium: Titanium has a perfect blend of strength and weight, but it is costly, and thus it is mainly used in scenarios where design and performance trump cost.


Most screws are covered in a chemical coating of some sort to further add to their durability, corrosion resistance and appearance. Copper, ceramic and zinc are amongst the popular coating options, which are used to give fasteners extra strength and resistance against corrosion.



Screws come in all sorts of head types nowadays. Many are proprietary, but there are some which have stood the test of time and are still the preferred choice for most operations. Popular choices of screw heads include: Slotted, phillips, square and star.



Screws are widely available in a variety of thread options. The choice of a screw’s thread, mainly depends on whether the operation will focus on its speed or the security of the fit. Coarse threads cater to quicker assembly, but they lack in terms of thread engagement when compared to fine threads.

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