Pre-engineered buildings(PEBs) are forms of constructions that are designed in-house by PEB suppliers or PEB manufacturers. After construction of PEB components, they are shipped to an assembly site and are congregated/set up at the site itself. Some pre-assembled components include metal framework, metal bars, wooden floors, mill sections, metal roofs, etc.

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The number of PEB companies in India is on the rise because of the increasing demand for PEBs which offer increased flexibility, durability and adaptability in comparison to traditional constructions. Some of the popular PEB structures include work sheds, porta cabins, canopies, fire escape stairs, etc.

Features of pre-engineered building:

  • PEB structures don’t involve a lot of people in their construction, which further simplifies and streamlines their production.
  • PEB structures don’t require deep foundations. The main reason for this is their lower weight, which can be assessed by PEB consultants beforehand.
  • PEB construction is usually completed in 6-10 weeks depending on the project.
  • They include few raw materials and less labour, thus cost a lot lower than other forms of construction; and due to standardised components, their overall production and erection time is saved considerably.
  • It is fairly easy to expand the already erect PEB building as it only requires adding additional bays.
  • PEB structures offer large clear span and are a good choice for economical construction.
  • PEB companies make PEB structures in-house, thus the overall production is standardized, and is subject to higher quality control.
  • PEBs are relatively eco-friendly due to their recyclable nature.

The choice of a PEB construction depends on numerous factors such as local PEB manufacturers, available transportation facilities and construction capacity, along with differences in costs of material and labour. PEB projects require a plethora of varied materials which may include wood, pre-cast concrete, masonry block, roll-formed profiled steel sheet, tensioned fabric, glass curtain-wall, etc.

India’s leading PEB Manufacturers

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