Leading Screw/Nut bolt manufacturers in India

With rapid industrialization and increasing usage of capital intensive units, the nut and screw industry is gaining its fair share of popularity. Nuts and screws are commonly known as industrial fasteners, as they are the key materials used to join machines and various other structures. Nuts and bolts are not only key essentials in the manufacturing industries, they are also used for domestic purposes. The demand for nuts and bolts are always high in the market, and due to their consistent market demand, the fastener industry is growing at a rapid pace in and around the world. In the last few decades, the screw and Nut bolt manufacturers industries have witnessed a rapid revolution. Thanks to the increasing modernization of the manufacturing industry, nuts and bolts are now synonymous with almost every manufacturing unit.


Reasons for growth in Screw / Nut Bolt Manufacturers in India

The global industrial manufacturing industry is growing rapidly, both in the small scale manufacturing sector as well as the large scale manufacturing sector. The rising demand for fasteners in the automotive and construction industry is driving the growth of the nut bolt manufacturing industry as well. Owing to its versatile application in various industries, the fastener manufacturing units in India is growing steadily, producing a various range of fasteners. The Indian bolt manufacturing industry is expected to reach a turnover of INR 460 billion by the year 2023. Moreover, the globalization policy has helped in facilitating global industries to enter the Indian market and at the same time has ensured that Indian manufacturers make their mark globally.


With the advancement of construction industries, various types of the bolt are used across industries. Some of the popular variants are:

  • Carriage bolts- These bolts are also known as coach bolts. Their structure is different from others. Its upper part is domed and the square section below the grips is fastened which restricts its movement when it is tightened.
  • Hex head bolts- Just as the name suggests this equipment are designed in a hexagonal shape and are driven with a wrench.
  • Machine screws- These types of screws have a flat point. They are used for various applications but are mainly used in tapped holes.
  • Shoulder bolts- These bolts have a thread in the space between the head of the tool and the screw and are helped with the help of socket drivers.


Market analysis of Nut Bolt Manufacturers

The bolt manufacturing industry is anticipated to grow by 5.5 percentage by 2026 globally. The industry is expected to grow further in the next decade due to the mounting demand for automobiles and the construction industry. The versatile use of nuts and bolts in every industry would also add fuel to the growth process. Also, due to increased competition and industrialization, setting up of fastener industry has become the need of the hour.


The Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing fastener manufacturing unit in the world. It is expected that in the next 4 years or so, Asia will add up to $7.5 billion to this industry. Thus, expanding the market in Asia will increase the fasteners imports globally, even if the industry is facing a meek decline in the domestic market.


As nuts and bolts act as supplementary goods for other products, their demand is influenced by other industries like the transportation industry, electrical industry, construction industry etc. Thus, the screw industry is directly or indirectly affected by the growth of other industries. Nonetheless, due to the high market potential of the fastener manufacturing business, many Indian industries are making their mark on the global platform. Industrial units like the Screw Expert, BDN fasteners, STL fasteners, Super Screws are some of the up and coming names in the world of screw manufacturing.


Screw Expert

Screw expert is one of the leading nut bolt manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. Catering to the needs of modern manufacturing units, they offer a wide range of products, which are available in a variety of specifications. The products offered, are quality tested and are designed in such a way that they cater to modern-day industrial needs and requirements. Equipped with high-tech technology and machinery, Screw Expert ensure class-leading quality assurance. If you are looking for established PEB manufacturers, then Screw expert will cater to all your needs and then some.


Sohan Lal Gupta

Sohan Lal Gupta, established in 1921, is an Industrial Marketing company based in Delhi. The company has been around for the last 20 years and has been providing quality hardware products in India.


BDN Fasteners (India)

BDN fastener is a Taiwan based fastener manufacturing industry. It has a decade long expertise in the trade of construction hardware. BDN fastener has set up a base in India and offers a full range of self-drilling equipment.


STL Fasteners

Being established in 1979, STL Fasteners has become one of the leading suppliers of fasteners in India, and also has a client base abroad. Their manufacturing units are spread across three plants, all located in and around New Delhi. They provide quality products, which are processed after a stringent quality check.


Super Screws

With enjoying over 40 years of expertise in screw manufacturing, Super Screws’ offer a wide range of hardware products. Their fasteners conform to various international standards and also provide quality assurance.


Pioneer Nuts and Bolts

Having various branches in the country, Pioneer nuts and bolts supply to many critical industries in India such as Delhi metro rail corporation, BHEL, Reliance etc.


Singhania International

Singhania International LTD., established in 1995, was primarily engaged in the trade of engineering tools, but over the years, they have undergone rapid expansion and have successfully entered the fastener manufacturing industry.


Star Steel Works

Star steelwork is a nut and bolt manufacturing unit based in Mumbai. They manufacture fasteners by using Hot forged technique.


Sundaram Fasteners

Sundaram fastener is a part of the TVS group. Being established in 1966, they produce various automotive hardware that encompasses fasteners, power train components, nuts and bolts etc.


Saketh Exim

Saketh Exim is one of the manufacturers of fasteners in India. They provide quality fasteners like nuts, stud bolts, hex bolts, socket bolts and many more.


At first glance, nuts and bolts seem to be rather insignificant. But if you dig a bit deeper you will realise that without these seemingly insignificant tools, all our gadgets would fall into pieces. Screws and nuts have become one of the most common elements in the modern manufacturing process. Over the years, the screw/nut bolt Manufacturers industry has witnessed a massive evolution and expansion in terms of application as well as advancement in manufacturing techniques. With the rising demand for industrial products, the demand for nuts and bolts are also rising indirectly. This rise in demand for specialised screws has also led to the expansion of other manufacturing and construction industries. The rise in the demand for Prefabricated Steel buildings (PEB) is one of the prime examples of how advancements in screw manufacturing are helping other businesses.

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