Screw Expert is a leading prefabricated steel building manufacturing company. We provide speedy delivery and erection of the structure. Our fixtures for pre-engineered buildings(PEB) are flexible and can withstand severest weather conditions.

We are leading PEB manufacturers and suppliers in numerous Indian states, and our PEB range comprises of Prefabricated Steel Structures, Pre Engineered Building (PEB), Prefabricated Tubular Structures and Prefabricated sheds, industrial metal sheds, etc.

Prefabricated steel building’s advantages over traditional construction

  • Our prefabricated steel building have 100% salvage value at any time.
  • No on-site welding required. Highly appropriate for industries were welding inside plant isn’t allowed.
  • All the components of a prefab steel building are standardized and are ready-made, so they don’t require extensive shuttering or scaffolding.
  • Helps in capitalising investment early on with the help of shorter construction time.
  • Minimal requirement of on-site construction. Structures are built within a period of six to ten weeks.
  • Higher quality control with the help of standardised manufacturing.
  • A lot less waste is produced in comparison top traditional buildings.
  • PEB manufacturing moulds, which are used to cast the pieces of a prefab building can be used several times.

Apart from the obvious manufacturing and erection advantages of PEBs over traditional construction, a prefabricated steel structure building is also environment-friendly:

  • Lower weight reduces the foundation requirement, which leads to further reduction in the overall construction time.
  • Due to the use of recyclable materials, other projects can be started with the same pieces. This significantly reduces the overall cost of starting or wrapping up a project.
  • Higher quality materials and appropriate coating reduces the overall impact and risks of corrosion.
  • In traditional buildings, the overall process of expansion will eventually lead to some waste after manipulating the structure. In PEBs new spaces can be added without extensive manipulations to the existing structure.