roof fasteners

For the past decade or so, commercial and residential complexes have been preoccupied with roof sheds or covers that are made of metal or synthetic membrane. These assembled roofs require screws/fasteners or bolts to hold them together for pre-longed periods of time. Thus, adequate fasteners are required to make sure that membrane roofs stay in place, and can combat external factors.

Mechanical roof screws are mainly used to secure a roof’s membrane and ensure its proper installation. Fasteners are available in a variety of sizes and builds. Most of them being made of hardened carbon steel or stainless steel. Screws are used to fasten metal structures or structures that are made of plastic, fiberglass or wood.

Choosing the right fastener makes a whole lot of difference, as roofing screws are of two kinds; one is a drill point and the other is a sharp point. Drill point screws are used to fasten metal structures, and sharp point fasteners are used to fasten wood structures.

It is also important to check the roof fasteners at least twice in a year, to inspect for any potential movements or sealant failures. Inspection is especially important if the screws are externally exposed. One should also make sure that the screws are in the proper place and are tightly sealed. Leakage from the roof is one of the signs that the screws might have come loose, and in most cases, it may only require refastening them to stop any further leaks or damange.

Roof Fasteners Manufacturer in India

At Screw Expert, we design and manufacture fasteners that work seamlessly with any adequate membrane roof. Our roof fasteners are made from high-quality raw materials, under expert vigilance.

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