Self-tapping screws and self-drilling screws are the two primary forms of fasteners that are used in metal buildings or construction of Prefabricated Steel building. They also have numerous other applications, and their use isn’t limited to construction either.

Self tapping screws

Despite the different name, self-drilling screws are just another form of self-tapping screws. Self-tapping screws tap their own threads, but cannot drill through hard objects such as iron, copper or steel. They also require a pilot hole. On the other hand, self-drilling screws don’t need a pilot hole, and like the self-tapping screws, they can tap their own threads. Self-drilling screws also have higher threads, compared to self-tapping screws.

In a nutshell, all self-drilling screws are a form of self-tapping screws, but not all self-tapping screws are self-drilling screws.

Self-drilling screws, just like other forms of screws, are available in a variety of specifications, which include:

  • Overall built materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or plastic)
  • Head type (Philip, pozi, slot-hex, torx, square, etc),
  • Thread type (coarse or fine)
  • Thread count
  • Chemical coating/plating (zinc, phosphate, copper, tin, etc)
  • Diameter and length.

These are used for their accelerated installation time, which lowers the overall costs and the need of additional equipment. Their excellent fastening efficiency in steel makes them a popular choice for steel frame constructions, or fastening of other materials to steel frames. They can also be used for fastening objects to wood, and are widely utilized for structures such as wooden floors, wooden roof decks and wooden doors.

At Screw Expert, we provide all forms of screws and bolts. We also supply our customers with the best possible solution according to their needs. Keeping that in mind, two of the most popular self-drilling screw manufacturers that we deal in are:

1) PATTA® Self-Drilling Screws

PATTA® is amongst the best screw manufacturers in the country, its screws come in numerous specifications and some of them are:

  • Bugle Head- bugle head self-drilling screws feature a flat top countersunk head along with a concave under head surface. This design offers improved stress distribution
  • Counter Sunk Head- 80 to 100-degree head sizes, with precise cutting edges for improved drill performance
  • Counter Sunk Wings- Counter sunk wing for use in steel sections and wood. The Wing design drills a clearance hole, then break off after the cutting point comes in contact with the steel
  • Double Thread- Double thread design helps with exterior roofing and its specialist design gives optimum performance
  • Farmer Screws- These PATTA® self drilling screws come equipped with either a aluminium or a steel washer and are available in various colours. These are mainly for fixing profiled sheet to timber
  • Hex Washer Head (PATEK)- Hex washer head have a built in washer that help to distribute load to a wider area, and they are ideal for steel to steel application

2) Landmark Crafts(HP Brand):

Hp brand self-drilling metal screws offer peace of mind and ease of use, which is unparalleled in the industry, and they cater to specific forms of screws. Some types of Hp self drilling screws are:

  • ZINC Plated & XYLAN Coated self-drilling metal screws, which are used for 5mm-25mm thick-hot rolled purlins. Hp offers these screws in either hex head (25mm / 35mm / 60 mm / 65 mm) or hex flange(90mm /120 mm). Both the variants are crafted from carbon steel grade C1022
  • ZINC Plated & XYLAN Coated self-drilling metal screws, which are used for up to 4mm thick normal purlins. These also come in either hex head (4.8mm to 6.3mm) or hex flange (19mm to 200mm). Both the Both the variants are crafted from carbon steel grade C1022