industrial sheds

Industrial shed are all the rage in the Pre-Engineered Building(PEB) industry, and that is mainly due to their versatility and the overall ease of use. These metal sheds are made fit-to-purpose and are equipped with various safety measures that make them viable alternatives to traditional options.

Usually, industry sheds are low-rise buildings (maximum height ranges from 25 -30 meters), but they have garnered plenty of limelight because of their fit-to-purpose structural design and ease of erection. In today’s world, people prefer aesthetic installations, and PEB structures fit the bill. The overall design process is also linear and saves a lot of hassle. Also, they are easily designed with the help of computer software.

Some of the popular industries that use industrial sheds are:

  • Transport industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Manufacturing centres
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial outlets

Industrial Shed Types

Nowadays, industrial sheds manufacturers cater to almost every industry, and many industries are solely dependent on some form of an industrial shed.

Some popular industrial shed types are:

  • Food sheds
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Work sheds/workshops
  • Warehouses or distribution centres

Benefits of Industrial Sheds

High grade materials and state-of-the-art screw manufacturing gives Screw Expert an edge over all the other Fasteners manufacturers and suppliers in India. Industrial sheds are custom made to cater to each and every specification that the customer may detail. Some of the benefits of opting for industrial sheds are:

  • Constructed as per the needs of the customers
  • Constructed from high grade raw materials
  • Come in all shapes and sizes, be it large or small
  • Cost effective, long lasting final products

Advantages Of Opting For Prefabricated Sheds

Some of the major advantages that have led to the rise in the use of industrial sheds are:

  • Ease of installation and expansion
  • Lightweight construction, which requires minimal foundation
  • Industrial sheds are fabricated in factories and are dispatched to the assembly site from there itself, this process of prefabrication saves time and money
  • Sheds can be easily relocated in case of a change in the geographical location of the work site
  • Standardisation of the overall manufacturing process leads to minimal defects as panels for the shed are made from similar moulds
  • Standardisation of the manufacturing process also leads to higher degree of quality control
  • After completion of project, sheds can be salvaged for their parts, which generally recuperates its entire cost

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