Technical Guide to Self drilling screws

Industrial Self Drilling Screws of Different Size

Following is the list of the range of self drilling screws that are available on a market basis their functionalities: 


1. Countersunk or Flat Head Self-Drilling Screws

Allows for a flush finish because the head of the screw sits below the surface of the encompassing material. This permits for a flat finish and a smooth result.


2. Allen or Socket Head Allen/ Socket Head Self-Tapping Screws

Less liable to the pinnacle of the screw being compromised and distorted when driving into the fabric, thanks to the form of the driving force used.


3. Bugle Head Self-Tapping Screws

The form of the bugle head allows the distribution of the strain over a far wider area than is feasible with a flat head screw. Bugle-headed screws are wont to attach plasterboard to wood to metal studs.


4. Button Head Screw Button Head Dome Head, and Self-Tapping Pan Screws

Typically employed in carpentry. Thanks to the dome shape, there is less chance of the screw head countersinking into the fabric.


5. Flange Head Self-Tapping Screws

Usually accustomed to attach metal like stainless steel to metal or plastic to plastic. The flanged head enables more clamping torque to be applied than other head types.


6. Hex Head/ Socket Self-Tapping Hex Head / Socket Self-Tapping Screws

The hex head self drilling screw features a hexagonal head and is often utilized by contractors in heavy-duty applications where a countersunk head isn’t necessary.


7. Wafer Head Self-Tapping Screws

The conical under-head does not be the outer reaches of the screw head, which allows for a flush fit on wood and other softer materials.


8. Pan Head Self-Tapping Screws

The head of this screw is rounded on the highest and vertical on the perimeters. They are almost like oval or round screws. they are typically employed in high torque applications into either metal or wood.


9. Squarehead Self-Tapping Screws

Less at risk of the bit was slipping (cam-out) than a conventional Phillips screw once you drove the screw into the material. However, care should be taken to make sure that screw is not over-tightened.

How to Select a Drill Point Size for Self-Drilling Screws

Tek® screws are also referred to as self-drilling screws but are not confused with self-tapping or sheet screws that do not pre-drill. A self-drilling screw contains a very small carving at the top of its tip called a bit.

These screws drill their hole then tap threads to mix two or more pieces of fabric without pre-drilling. This can be through with nothing quite a customary power tool motor. Next, reckoning on the thickness of the fabric you are drilling into.

Do Self-Drilling Screws Need a Pilot Hole?

Self-drilling screws are often identified by the drill bit-shaped point of the screw and designed for various applications like fastening metal to metal and metal to wood. In addition, self-drilling screws do not require pilot holes, which accelerates installation time and lowers the value and wish of additional drill bits.

This extra functionality and value-saving feature make self-drilling screws the clear choice for metal building construction. During installation, self-drilling screws will tap threads to a degree.

Self-Drilling Screws at the Best Price in India

Screws are the fasteners within the material and helped build the planet. to grasp what each screw is for, you only must see the differences within the way they appear. The materials they are commonly found screwed into.

The price of the screws will vary from the manufacturer you will plan to buy. The reason behind the price variation is the quality of output the manufacturers render. For instance, with Screw Expert, you get only the top-quality product, and the screws will be the worth of what you will pay.


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