uses of self tapping screws

What are the uses of Self Tapping Screws?

There are hundreds of different types of screws available in the market, varying in size, shape, material and design. Self tapping screw is one of the different varieties of screws, which lives up to its name as it taps into its own hole as it is driven into the lumber or metal. There are various uses of Self Tapping Screws like in the manufacturing and construction industry, as they help with conserving time by eliminating few steps from the installation process.


There are numerous different types of screws available out there in the market, that ranges from different sizes, shapes, materials and designs. Self tapping screws is one such type of screw, often known as self threading screw.


The term self tapping is quite self explanatory, it basically taps into its own hole as it is driven into any material. They are extensively used in manufacturing and construction industries. Self tapping screws helps in conserving time by eliminating the need of drilling a pilot hole.This article will help you to understand what self tapping screws are and how they work.


Self tapping screws have sharper threads that actually cut threads into the hole themselves. Where as a self drilling screw has a chipped point that will allow for actual drilling with that screw. The chunk gives the debris a place to move to during the drilling process.


It should be noted that while all self drilling screws are self tapping, not all self tapping screws are considered self drilling. There are many self tapping screws that do not come with a chipped section, and technically should have a hole drilled for them first although it’s not entirely necessary in many cases. Self tapping screws come in all types of shape and sizes, and they also come in various types of head as well.


Self tapping screws cut into the thread of the screw, by creating a flute and a cutting edge, like a tap.This is contrasting to traditional machine screws, that generally require a pilot hole for drilling a screw.A self tapping screw on the other hand automatically creates the pilot hole while it is being driven into the material, thus, eliminating the need for drilling a pilot hole separately. This process ensures that one step is removed from the drilling process, thus making self tapping screws all the more desirable and efficient.


The way self drilling screw’s work varies depending on the materials that it is being driven into. In case of softer materials, like wood or soft plastic, the screw may have a tapering tip into it that forms a gimlet point. This tapering tip ensures that the material to which the screw is driven into is displaced, creating a pilot hole as it works through the material. However, it is very important to keep in mind that the hardness and depth of the material must be taken into consideration. It should be ensured the material that you are drilling into much be within specified limit that the screw can drill into. Otherwise, the self tapping screw might fail to drill into the given material.


It is important to note that some self tapping screws can also be used as self drilling screws. They have a sharp tip on the head of the screw, which combines the fastener installation and drilling process together. This is extensively used in applications involving hard materials like assembly lines, carpentry and construction roofing etc. Hence, all drilling screws are self tapping, but not all self tapping screws are self drilling screws.


Just due to the fact that self tapping screws can drill into materials without the need of drilling a pilot hole prior to the process, doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best way to use them. If the material that you want to drill into us rough, then it is advisable to drill a pilot hole beforehand even if you are using a self tapping screw. By doing this, you can ensure that the screw will be positioned in the right position, and that it will enter into the material smoothly z without any restrictions.



Types of Self Tapping Screws


There are basically two types of self tapping screws, one is thread forming and the other is thread tapping.


Thread Forming- Before you use thread forming screw, you need to ensure that you drill a pilot hole as the screw by itself wouldn’t be able to drill a pilot hole, as they don’t have a pointed tip. These are commonly used to hold plastic materials together. Due to their specialised design, they grip the materials more tightly. However, it should be taken care that there is always the risk of over- tightening the screw, which might often lead to the breaking down of the materials under pressure.


Thread Tapping- These screws do not require a pilot hole pre-drilled, thread-tapping screws can drill their own pilot hole making the fastening process easier. It is advised to always ensure that the pilot hole is smaller than the diameter of the self tapping screw. This screws removes the material from the way and creates a path for the screw by itself.


Uses of Self Tapping Screws


Self tapping screws are mostly used when the medium into which it will be screws is something like metal. Although, self tapping screws are also used to drill wooden and plastic materials. They tend to have a sharp point, and the threads are also sharp to act like knives cutting into any kind of medium.


Following are some of the major scenarios which call for the use of self tapping screws:


Sheet Metal works: The drill-like tip of the self drilling screw is the preferred choice when it comes to working on metal sheet.  Metal sheets are used for framing numerous objects like auto-mobile, construction, furniture etc, and self drilling screws are the preferred choice of screw in such scenarios.


Medical applications: Fasteners in our body doesn’t seem like a good idea, but that is exactly what goes on in case of  replacements and other kinds of tissue/ muscle repair surgeries. Numerous medical articles and journals routinely mention the use of self-tapping screw and its functionality inside the body.


Municipal works: self tapping screws are the preferred type of screw in almost any and every gutter-attachment system. They reduce the time it would take for installing the screw and also provide a secure hold and finish. These screws help to keep gutters in-tact, so that it can withstand different kinds of weather, resist corrosion, among other things.


Roofing solutions: Self-tapping screws allow for smooth framing work for whatever type of roofing sheet or material you might use, be it Asphalt, wood and metal each substrate will use a different type of self drilling/ tapping screw.


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