Fasteners in Construction: It’s Importance, types & uses

What are fasteners in construction?

Fasteners are used in the construction industry to join two or more objects together in a non-permanent way. Each construction project requires a different kind of fastener in order to ensure a safe and strong final construction. Fasteners are very important in construction because each component or machinery or vehicle needs these fasteners to hold it together.
The fasteners are the main components that are used in many sectors like automation, manufacturing, infrastructure and others in which different types of items are produced that require assembling of machinery or parts of different vehicles.

Importance of a screw/fasteners

Screws are widely used in threaded fasteners to hold the objects together, mainly in devices such as screw tops for containers, vices, screw jacks and screw presses. A fastener can be a special type of nail that has spirals on its sides. The fasteners are used to make substances rigid and long-lasting and make it look clean as well.
Different types of fasteners are used in the industry for different purposes. An automobiles requirement for fasteners will be different from the requirement of that of a fastener that is used in an aeroplane. The fasteners hold the industry together.

Types of fasteners

There are different types of fasteners that are available in the market based on the requirements. Mechanical fasteners come in many forms like screws, nails, nuts, bolts, washers anchors as well as rivets. The types of fasteners can be explained in detail below:

1. Screws

Screw fasteners are one of the most versatile types of fasteners. The threaded shafts present give them a more durable holding power. These fasteners do not require anything to hold them in place. Screws come in a wide variety of types and can be named as follows:

  • Wood screws – These have a coarse thread and a tapered head.
  • Deck screws – These include self-tapping design and are corrosion resistant.
  • Machine screws – These have uniform thickness and do not taper off from the bottom.

2. Nails

A nail has greater sheer strength and is a better choice for various applications.

  • Common Nails – These have a thicker shank for greater holding power for many different applications.
  • Box Nails – These offer easier driving with steel construction and a diamond point-tip.
  • Brad Nails – These can easily blend into wood trim.

3. Bolts, Nuts & Washers

Nuts and bolts are other common types of fasteners. These two pieces work together and hold the components together. You can insert the bolt into the two parts you want to join and then fasten it in place with the nuts.

4. Anchors

These types of fasteners are used to connect something to a material like drywall or concrete.

Which fasteners are commonly used?

The most common types of fasteners that are used are screw, nuts and bolts. It also involves washers. Other more specialized types of fasteners that are used are captive threaded fasteners, studs, threaded inserts and threaded rods.

4 Points to Remember While Choosing Fasteners

  • Consider the fasteners primary use before purchasing and buy it according to the requirement.
  • Know the specifications of your requirement
  • Consider the material and its corrosion-resistant power.
  • Consider the price.

1. Material

Get to know the requirement before choosing the fastener. Fasteners come in different material and it is always the best option to buy the one made up of stainless steel so that it remains corrosion resistant.

2. Head Shapes

It is also important to know the type of head that is needed. For example flat head, truss head, pan head. Each type has its own distinct purpose.

3. Length

Length is also an important factor that determines where you can source your fastener from. The sizes vary due to variations in requirement.

4. Coating

Coatings are used to add or increase the corrosion resistance. Zinc, hot-dip galvanizing and chrome are the most common types of coating used.


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